About Burlington


In 2014, Money Sense magazine named Burlington as the top Canadian mid-sized city and 5th best overall based on its annual rankings survey.  Burlington city councillor Paul Sharman says he was excited to learn about his city’s high ranking – saying these type of surveys can make a difference. “We find we have many people relocating to Burlington exactly because of the media exposure Burlington has recently received – who wouldn’t want to live in what is presently considered to be one of the best places to live in Canada!”

Not surprisingly, Burlington city councillor Paul Sharman says he was excited to learn about his city’s high ranking — and says these types of surveys can make a difference: “Truthfully, they’re very important. We find that we have many people from moving around the area relocating to Burlington exactly because this is considered the best place to live in the GTHA.”


In many cases the reasons we live where we do are largely out of our control. However, cities like Burlington prove that even if you are committed to living in a certain region, it doesn’t mean you don’t have choice. In fact, as Toronto continues to expand, more are discovering this growing city on the lake. Take Denise Lee-Hutchinson, 28, who grew up in Toronto but now feels more at home in Burlington. “I thought I would miss Toronto bars and nightclubs, but I don’t, she says. The streets are cleaner, it’s not as busy and it’s generally friendlier. I have more neighbours that I speak to on a daily basis than I did when I lived in Toronto.” Burlington’s close knit community is a big part of the reason why Lee-Hutchinson love’s her new home as much as she does.

Burlington earned its ranking by getting high marks for low unemployment (5.8%), pleasant weather (some of the warmest in the country), low crime, high incomes (average household income is slightly over $110,000 and notably, great transit.

While GTA traffic congestion can make a car commute to Toronto tedious, many residents elect to use the speedy and cost effective GO train service ensuring a door to door commute of approximately 50 minutes for most.

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